algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Architectural Animation_ National Cyber Games Center in Tehran

Architectural Animation (Rhino3d, grasshopper3d, Rhino v-ray 3, After Effects & … )
Master of Architecture Thesis: Designing National Cyber Games Center in Tehran by Using Digital Architecture Findings
University: Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran
Supervisor: Dr. Azadeh Shahcheraghi
Designer: Ali Eslami
Design Process Animation: grasshopper 3d + gray + rhino v-ray 3
camera Control & animation in grasshopper: horster camera Control for Grasshopper
optimization : Galapagos Evolutionary Solver
radiation analysis: ladybug
Motion graphics: Adobe After Effects

Architectural Animation: lumion 7
Music: Free Background Music – Trellum - Calm Evening
intro( inspiration): HBO intro

Architectural Animation_ Designing National Cyber Games Center in Tehran by Using Digital Architecture Findings

Game is one of the oldest human behaviors and it is specifically related to the culture and region in every society. Considering the change and growth in societies, they –the games- coordinate themselves with these changes. Inventing digital tools, games entered a new arena and quickly changed to a remarkable area in industry and economic market and they also attract more time and audience towards themselves, not requiring big and special spaces, being accessible to public. Regarding the extensive effects of computer games on economic, cultural, educational, physical and mental health arenas, every country has done a deal with content control, supporting producers, increasing public awareness and etc within its special background. Iran computer and video games foundation as a non-profit organization takes charge of different domain support and control in this effective industry under the supervision of Ministry of Guidance. Architecture and computer games in different domains have influenced each other and are interconnected. And since games are played in one space, they require game space designing together with type of the game. So game designers need knowledge and studies in architecture design. Architecture, inventing digital tool, used its features to advance its goals, as games did. Although at first it used them for drawings and visual expressions of ideas, extending these features, they were used in design process. Meanwhile, using digital technics produced specifically for animation making and computer games leaded to their more proximity. In the design of Iran computer and video games center, we tried to use digital features in all steps. Therefore extracting main parameters from the designing process steps and changing them to computer codes (using algorithm), we tried to make its various states producible and to provide the possibility of optimizing the required area, maximum vision to key spaces around the site and also the amount of received light. Also in designing the project facade, after research on various technics of exfoliation and façade design, Media façade was used for a better compatibility with video games. With an approach to creating mobility for the audience and the computer game producers in the greenbelt near the project, physical playgrounds were created for them.

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Comment by ALI ESLAMI on November 4, 2017 at 1:47pm

thank you

Comment by friedrich söllner on November 3, 2017 at 1:44am

Nice, thanks for sharing!





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