algorithmic modeling for Rhino

3_Color based segmentation_Sfm Point Cloud_Volvox for Grasshopper_HumanUI.

Edit and analysis of SfM point clouds in Grasshopper for Rhino. Primarily using Volvox and HumanUI plugins. Dense 3d point clouds are reconstructed from photo-sets in Agisoft Photoscan.

The video demonstrates the following:
1. The definition's functionality employing HumanUI for the custom user interface.
2. Color based segmentation in manual and auto modes.
3. The evaluation of the definition's ability to handle different point cloud data sets.

This definition performs color based segmentation in two modes.
A manual mode, that implements the Delta-E CIE 2000 color difference formula, for targeted feature detection. An auto mode, that employs a simple RGB Color Range algorithm for quicker preliminary results.

RGB to XYZ to CIELab conversion and Delta-E scripts were based on Colormine's project code from github. Results have been compared and verified with the results of and

Each stored class is charted and can be accessed through the UI, as shown at 2:30, where Delta-E CIE 2000, in CieLab color space, output results were found to be in perceptive conformity with human eyes, far superior to the preliminary RGB implementation.

Initial definition versions could process highly subsampled clouds in acceptable timings. Further research showed that employing the multithread processing of Volvox components, bundling the Delta E formula with the RGB to CIE lab color conversion script, per color segmentation calculations for a one million points point cloud would go down from 23 (c# script component) and 8 (vb script component) seconds to approx. 1 second (volvox script cloud component), thus allowing the segmentation of less subsampled point clouds.

I would like to thank Heumann A. and Zwierzycki M. who provided direct support with HumanUI and Volvox. Also Grasshopper3d forum users Maher S. and Segeren P., who contributed with Rhino viewport manipulation scripts.

More on Volvox:



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Comment by ng5 Alex on November 21, 2016 at 2:50pm

thank you Andrew!.

this was just when HumanUI was released and that is the case of the 2d slider request (well along with other ones). Always coming through. Thank you.

Comment by Andrew Heumann on November 21, 2016 at 2:41pm

dude!!!!! awesome





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