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At 10:30am on March 21, 2016, Alex Jiang said…

Thank you Andy, I completely overlooked the setting... Everything is working now. Thanks again for bearing with me.

At 5:37pm on March 18, 2016, Alex Jiang said…

Hello Andy,

First of all, thank you for your great work.

I am trying to control 30 servos with Arduino Mega 2560 but it seems the servos only twitch as I slide through 0-180 to mega write, and I tried to connect only one servo to different digital pins in several times, the results are the same.

I tested with Uno and all 9 servos worked under the same set up, so I imagined there might be something wrong with the firmatta, and I came across this post in 2011:

the Firefly version I'm using is 64 bit, does it cover for the "buffer size" and "baud width" issues that you mentioned on the post? 

I am using Rhino 5.0 and the grasshopper version is april-04 2014 build 0.9.0075. the Arduino IDE version is 1.6.5

Thank you for your time.

At 11:49am on March 31, 2015, manny ferro said…

Hello ,

Andy I sent you a friends request. I am emanuel From the workshop at

TEXFAB.  I am having a issue with the steppers and was wondering if you could take a look at the Grasshopper build that i have used from the library samples.

Thank You

Manny Ferro

At 7:06pm on June 15, 2014, Matthew Gilbride said…

Thanks Andy. That cleared up a lot and reinforces what David explained. Had the same thought about handling the high frequency data on Arduino and sending data much less frequency to Grasshopper. Sounds like a challenge that will take some time to figure out. 

At 11:22am on June 15, 2014, Matthew Gilbride said…

Hey Andy. Have much enjoyed your gcode definitions in the past and have started using firefly, another great tool. I am trying to do something that sounds like it may have a technical roadblock. I want to read pulse output from an arduino that is running the gcode interpreter GRBL. I use grbl with my diy cnc but I am trying to cobble together a simulator for testing and understanding the firmware and gcode programs I use. The arduino pumps out pulses that are only 5-50 microseconds wide. I think I can set them as big as 255 microseconds wide. I can read the output at 1ms intervals using firefly but obviously drop a lot of information. Do you think there is a way to successfully read those pulses in through firefly? 

At 2:35am on June 8, 2014, Anan Ashour said…

Hey Andy,

many thanks for your great plug-in.

I am trying to start using Kinect in Grasshopper and I am wondering if you can provide me with some tutorials/hints for beginners?

Many Thanks

At 12:54pm on February 14, 2014, philip pappas said…

Hi Andy,

i've hooked up a dc motor with an h bridge circuit and i have been able to control the rotation and speed so far through Arduino code. Now i wanted to do the same through Firefly, but it keeps working with the Arduino sketch ignoring the current values i am sending through Firefly, shouldn't the Arduino sketch be overwritten? However that was not the case with servos..

Should i reset the Arduino?

Thank you

At 4:00pm on October 25, 2012, lmnts said…


FYI, I just hooked up a different type of stepper motor ( and the speed is much better.  This must be a hardware issue I'll have to look at.  Sorry for the trouble.


At 2:06pm on October 25, 2012, lmnts said…


I really appreciate the quick response.  My issue here is speed.  I took a look at AccelStepper.h, which mentions that speeds above 1000 steps/sec are just to test it, I tried setting the stepper speed to 1000 on the quadstepper component.  The steppers I'm using are vextas:, which have a step angle of .9.  So a speed of 1000 should give me an rps of 2.5, but when I set the quadstepper to a speed of 1000, the actual rps I'm getting is really slow, its more like .2 rps. 

At 1:39pm on October 25, 2012, lmnts said…


Thanks again for your help today with the capacitors. I have another question regarding quadsteppers and I'm not sure which forum for Firefly is current.  Is the most recent forum at  I had trouble finding a discussion part on the new web site. 

Anyway, I posted a question there about increasing stepper speeds with the Quadstepper driver.  I'm trying to attach a dremel to a reprap to turn it into a router.  The quadstepper works great, but I just need some more juice.  Thanks for any help.


At 10:56pm on September 13, 2012, Alina Minassian said…
At 10:49pm on September 13, 2012, Alina Minassian said…

Hi Andy,

thank you for your reply. I did have a look at Firefly's Audio components. 

We're trying to move an "arm" similar to the polyline in screenshots, where each member rotates in relation to the members in either side of it. The two end members are fixed at one point. (Thinking in section) a fabric skin is attached to the arms. This skin moves according to the arms' movement behind it. We have an Adruino Uno board connected to grasshopper. 

If sound produced by speakers of laptop is our input data, how will it be input into arduino? Also is it possible for us to divide the frequencies of Piano keys into 3 categories of low, medium and high and have them as the output that moves the structure? If yes how should we do that?

thanks heaps for your explanationGH-Rhino%201.jpgGH-Rhino%202.png2.png

At 5:27pm on September 13, 2012, Alina Minassian said…

Hi Andy,

I am fairly new to arduino and grasshopper, as well. I'm after a sound responsive vertical surface that moves with the sound frequencies produced from a central source (a piano) in an enclosed space.  So we basically are trying to read a sound input and turn it into the surface's movement parameter.Should we use firefly to input sound?

Thank you

At 12:47pm on March 11, 2012, rodolfo.baiz said…

Hi Andy, 

Thank you very much for your helpful explanation!

At 4:19am on October 13, 2010, Luca Biselli said…
Hi Andy.
Is current Firefly compatible with the new Arduino UNO? I have been to the recent workshop in London and we were introduced to the new board.
Thank you

At 4:50am on August 28, 2010, Firefly said…
Hi Andrea,
Unfortunately, I am not involved in the enrollment process for this event. I am pretty sure that Ronnie and Gil will still be teaching the Grasshopper II section, however you may want to email Scott Davidson or one of the ACADIA conference coordinators to ask about logistics.
I hope this helps.
At 6:00pm on March 14, 2010, Benjamin Golder said…
I've forwarded it to the students I know who are working with Arduino. They're excited about it. Thanks!!
At 2:27pm on December 7, 2009, Mani Mani said…
Hey Andy,

I'm trying to modify your arduino code for the pan/tilt servos to work with a stepper motor, any tips?

At 10:42am on July 20, 2009, Fei-Ling Tseng said…
Awesomeness, thanks for the link. Good to hear that you arrived safely. And again, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us over the weekend! Cheers, F
At 7:34am on June 15, 2009, Wudi said…
Hey Andy
Do you know who is taking charge of this web? I have a sugestion for him. Maybe we can encourage people to share their definitions of Grasshopper. In this way, we can communicate more and learn more. I think it is one of the core popurse of this web.





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