algorithmic modeling for Rhino

surface with two arcs sharin one pt

Hi there I`m tryin to create a panelized surface with the tringaulation component - using all single 4 corner pts of a pattern to create surfaces.
pretty easy
further on i had the intention not only to use lines creating hard edged triangels but arcs to give those forms a smoove shape.
my problem now is that i couldnt find any possibility to build a triangle with two arcs and one line.
the only way to get my forms smoover was to extrude an arc onto one point.

what a pity that the patch command doesnt exist. the script that was posted here some days ago doesnt run with curves created in GH ...

loft doesnt work cause there are always two curves sharing one point
sweep 2 doesnt bring me any results either

would be great if someone could have a look at my definition
maybe there is a good idea out there ...

- hope ive explained my problem clearly enuff

thx - andreas

the two screenshots ive posted on my myspace profile:

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