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Students of the Detmolder Schule ( have completed just recently the experimental pavilion Sparkler on the Campus Emilie. The crystal-shaped structure is a three-dimensional interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s, „Vitruvian Man“, showing a man bound within a square and a circle. Based on a buckyball, that connects an inner sphere with an outer cube, the geometry of the pavilion allows for a varying positioning on each of the outside faces. Sparkler was developed using parametric software in the design and planning phase as well as digital fabrication technologies for the production of the various building parts. Due to a consistent digital process the pavilion has been realized from the initial idea to the final assembly in only a few weeks. Sparkler will tour across Germany during the summer and will be shown in Koblenz, Cologne and Frankfurt. The pavilion is part of a set of projects that focus on digital technologies within the new master degree programme „Computational Design And Construction“ ( at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold.


Teaching staff:

Prof. Marco Hemmerling, Prof. Holger Hoffmann, Prof. Matthias Michel, David Lemberski, Guido Brand, Anke Tiggemann.


Miriam Johnson, Fatima Ibrahimi, Janina Pörtner, Pia Hartmann, Felicitas Wendler, Jannik Flöttmann, Maria Moormann, Jan Baumgartner, Manuel Münsterteicher, Matthias Joachim, Wilrun Griemert, Ann-Kathrin Kahmann, Inga Felicitas Sonntag, Viktoria Padberg, Julia , Scheppke, Tülin Zümre, Janine Wilkop, Inna Metche, Esther Jablotschkin, Johanna Stüve, Stefanie Bröckling, Martina Driller, Irina Kraus, Olga Schukow, Lea Mattenklodt, Christoph Strugholtz, Juliane Meyer, Judith Woker.








GH Defintion






Construction start: model 1:10


Finished construction vs. model

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