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Smartgeometry 2016 Gothenburg: Conference Registration

Smartgeometry is pleased to announce that sg2016 will be held at the Chalmers University of Technology, in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 4-9 April 2016.

After four intense days of innovative work, the conference offers an opportunity for critical reflection on the topic of Hybrid Domains and the exposition of what has been accomplished in the Workshop. It is an opportunity to open debates, pose questions, challenge orthodoxies, and propose new ideas.

The conference will feature invited international keynote speakers showcasing major projects and research from around the globe that mark out the territory of the year's Challenge. Between keynote presentations it will also feature informal and open discussions between the speakers, invited respondents, leading practitioners, emerging talents in digital design and Cluster participants, offering inside perspectives on how computational design is creating hybrid disciplines.

The theme: hybrid domains
The act of producing architecture is a collaborative, interdisciplinary exercise. With new digital tools comes the potential for new knowledge, new collaborations, and new ways of thinking. At sg2016, designers and researchers are challenged question how they work and connect and borrow from other disciplines, thereby creating new hybrid disciplines.


Conference include attendance to:
2-Day Conference, 8-9 April
A Visit to the Workshop, evening of 8 April
Conference Reception, evening of 9 April

Click here to register and to find out more about sg2016

Conference Speakers:

Sheelagh Carpendale: University of Calgary
Vincent Loubière: Lead Technologist, Founder, and Leader of Airbus ProtoSpace
Adam Lowe: Founder, Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation
Daniel Piker: Foster + Partners
Rob Mueller: Senior Technologist, NASA
Kendra Byrne: Bot and Dolly
Tyler Kicera: Senior Director of Business Development, TAIT Towers
Phillip Bernstein: VP, Autodesk
Anders Logg: Chalmers University of Technology and Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre (FCC)
Chris Williams: Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath
Kasper Stoy: IT University of Copenhagen
Aleksandar Matic: Condensed Matter Physics, Chalmers University

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