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Hello grasshopper world.

I have a doubt concerning shift list. I have a series of list items which I want to shift progresivly (picture), I tried to make a list with a series to do this in order to have increasing values (1,2,3,4......) but the what came out of the shift list was not what I expected and I really didnt understood what it did.
Before I tried to this I used a path mapper in order to change the branches, I dont know if this has something to do, I tried flattening it, but the result was similar.

Is there a way I can perform this without using tons of list items and shift lists ?!

Help ! ! :x



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Comment by Danny Boyes on October 2, 2010 at 2:46pm
From what I can gather from the image you are trying to draw line segments between adjacent points in the list. If so then this how I would achieve this:

Connect the Original List of points to Line input A and the shifted list into Line input B.
(to illustrate this action in text I have included the shift list with a number series)





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