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I know this question has been asked quite a lot of times and I have searched for the discussions but couldnt find a solution to it. So here is the problem - 

1. I created a polysurface by loft and chamfer and ultimate goal was to populate the geometry along the curvature with the help of UV components. I did not realise that you cannot do it in polysurface, so then learning from many discussions I exploded the polysurface to surfaces and tried to get UV from individual surfaces and merge them in grasshopper. Its not the ideal way to do it, but can we not do it in Polysurface?

2. I finally did it for all the surfaces but one by creating the untrimmed surfaces by exploding and recreating them by four sides in grasshopper. Only one surface I was not able to convert which had too many sides. I tried using patch but it is showing error there. The idea is to uniformally distribute UV coordinates so that I could populate them all over the geometry.

What should I do? Anything through panelling tools?




PS: Is there a way I can model this geometry as Single surface. I tried T splines but couldnt achieve what i am looking for.

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