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PanelingTools - Selection Components in Grasshopper

PanelingTools is a Rhino plugin to rationalize design forms and generate design patterns. Details are in:

PanelingTools creates ordered grids of points as base for applying any custom paneling idea. Panels take the format of curves, surfaces or mesh faces among others. All panels are serialized in order relative to the base grid.

I plan to eventually create PanelingTools component set inside Grasshopper to access its functionality, but until then, I've written functions to help smoother workflow between PT and GH.

Please let me know if you need any component/function and I will be happy to add to the list.

Attached are two components (written with 0.6.0059):

1- Select Grid. Output a GH datatree of the ordered set of paneling points.


2- Select Panels: Output list of panels and parallel list of their serial numbers. You may use a list sort component to order panels as in the example.



Rajaa Issa

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Comment by Rajaa Issa on May 6, 2010 at 10:29am
Hi Zach,

It could be because not all points in the grid are valid possibly because your input grid is not square (number of points in each row is equal); and connecting those would give the "Invalid Topology" for those surfaces. But that should not affect final result.

If you like, please send me your 3dm file and the GH file and I will be happy to run them.
Comment by Zach Hines on May 6, 2010 at 10:02am
Hi Rajaa, I am using your SelectPTGrid_ConvertTo_GHTree_Patches.ghx, and It was giving me an error (Invalid topology and null). When I bake the srfs, it outputs surfaces with out any issues. Then if I serialize the panels and import the surfaces with PT_SelectPanels_Component.ghx it works completely fine.

I am not sure why it is giving me Invalid topology and null errors.






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