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New Firefly Website, Tools (1.003), Examples, and Primer

Firefly bridges the gap between GH, the Arduino, Pachube, the internet and beyond.

Jason K. Johnson and I are very excited to unveil the new home for all things Firefly! Come find out the latest features, tutorials, photos, videos and much more at We are encouraged by the growing community of Firefly users and this website will be the destination for those individuals looking to bridge the gap between Grasshopper (a free plug-in for Rhino), the Arduino micro-controller, the internet, and beyond. Come take a look and let us know what you think!

In addition to the public launch of our new website, we have also released a new Firefly Toolbar (version 1.003) and an updated Firefly Primer. We have fixed a few minor bugs and added a few new features that were requested by you - the users. A delay feature has been added to both Fader (one way and two way) components and the Data Log component has been completely re-written to enable greater flexibility. Users can now simulate "Live Looping" techniques by using the Wrap feature on the Data Log component which also allows for direct data streaming to a file path of your choosing (.txt, .csv, or .dat). Additionally, we have built a new Playback component which will return individual lines from a text file at a given frame rate(s). The ability to control multiple frame rates will allow you to create some really amazing effects.

If that wasn't enough, there is a new Firefly Primer (a 37page manual) which provides an in-depth look at each individual component and walks you through the entire process of using this powerful new tool-set (from installation to final output). It also includes some basic tutorials, links and references to get you up and running quickly.

Come join the Firefly community and find out what everyone is talking about. Visit If you have suggestions or if you just have a question, feel free to email us at

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Comment by Scott Penman on August 30, 2012 at 4:58pm

Ah, FANTASTIC. Already experimenting. =) Thanks Andy and Jason!




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