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Molteni arc table by Foster + Partners using Kangaroo

Hi all,

I´ve given it a shot yesterday to replicate the basic shape of the Molteni arc tabe by Foster + Partners, see:

For this I have written a small script generating the basic raw surfaces and then have used Kangaroo to perform a mesh relaxation. In addition I have split the longitudinal and latitudinal mesh edges in order to be able to apply different spring strengths.

You can fiddle around with the mesh settings, spring stiffness, changing the saddle point, or even adding the saddle point to the set of fixed points.

In order to take it to the next level one would have to extract the mesh vertices, interpolate a surface and remesh with a tool like for e.g. Matlab to achieve the smooth equidistant grid lines such as in Mr. Peters blog. From there onwards one could add the gravitational pull to offset the relaxed surface.

Hope you like it



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Comment by Daniel Piker on November 18, 2014 at 5:26pm

Neat, thanks for sharing. Back when I first joined the SMG, Hugh Whitehead suggested trying to recreate this using Kangaroo as a nice exercise, but somehow we never did get around to it, so it's good to see this!

Also, I think one of the reasons your grid looks different is because of the starting topology.

You appear to have something like on the right, whereas you can see in the image on Brady's blog (btw the link was broken. Here is the correct one) that it is more like the one on the left.





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