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Once upon a time, my friend asked me: "Can you modell some well known historical building, like Empire State Building?". It was very interesting for me, and I sterted searching for information. Fourtunately I found, where were a lot of interesting and usefull articles. As a citisen of United States, history of this building was very interesting for me. Now I share it with you.

In 1999, the Empire State Building are a representative group of buildings- skyscrapers was introduced the American Society of civil engineers (ASCE) in the list of structures of the millennium. In compiling the list of ASCE gave tribute to the possibilities "of modern society to perform the impossible and reach unreachable heights, neglecting the concept: it is impossible to do." All this and not only can we say about Empire State Building. And though it's no longer the tallest building in the world, it remains one of the most recognizable and, ASCE says, is the standard by which all others are measured.

102-story Empire State Building, the height of 381 meters, is located on Fifth Avenue between Western 33th and 34th streets, and the spire adds to it another 62 meters. It was designed by William F. Lamb from the architectural company "Shreve, Lamb and Harmon," and considered in many respects innovative design. Empire State Building - not only the tallest building (since it was completed in 1931 and until 1972, until the North World Trade Center Tower was built), but also the world's first building, which has more than 100 floors and an incredible number of lifts - 64 (currently 73). Its construction was also outstanding. Lamb prepared a project from beginning to end in two weeks, the construction lasted for 410 days, on average, 4.5 erected floor per week. It involved more than 3,400 workers, of which pictures, carefree diners, sitting on the edge of the building at a great height. It is the great heritage of the Empire State Building and the city.

Empire State Building, which officially opened May 1, 1931, is an excellent example of symmetry-style Art Deco. The building immediately became popular among residents and guests, who paid two dollars for the city to admire the views from the lookouts. Its doors were opened during the great depression, and vast areas of the building (200 500 square meters) were completed in just a few years, during which the inhabitants of New York City skyscraper called "Empire State Building" (from the English. Empty- empty).

Since then, the Empire State Building, according to the American Institute of Architects - the most popular building of America, a symbol of New York and the star of many films. In 1964, the tower was installed floodlighting system, in order to highlight the apex in colors corresponding to some events, memorable dates and holidays.

About the Author: Mickey Jaes is a student. She is from Paris. 

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