algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Mantis v0.3(Mathematica Equation-Fractal tree-Nearest Value-Shortest Tour-Polyhedra-CA)

There are 2Main tools of Mantis v0.3:
1-Mantis_Cellular Automata

*5 Components for generating cellular automata 1d & 2d & 1d Totalistic 3colors + Find the nearest rule in Elementary CA for a list as shown in the image pattern example,and There are 1 component for generate & preview the 1dCA rules.

A) Mantis_Mathematica Equation which enable writing equations as Mathematica technique and get the result as a string
and for using this tool, don't write any equations which has an image result.

B) Mantis_Fractal tree which generate a self similarity branches which can be used as a line-length as a numeric order (for example as fibonacci)(iF you saw an error click on don,t show me this massege again"don,t worry)

C) Mantis_Nearest Value which  gives the list of elements(strings or numbers) to which a value is nearest

D) Mantis_Shortest Tour, attempts to find an ordering of points that minimizes the total distance on a tour that visits all of these points once

E) 2 Components for creating 3d Polyhedra objects + Unfolding these objects into planar surfaces.

you can find it in the download section

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