algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Check out for an experiment using kinect to interface with grasshopper. 

A proof of concept experimental interface for Grasshopper utilizing the Kinect skeletal tracker in Firefly. The interface also uses Horster camera control to place the camera at the user’s head.

When the user raises his right hand above his head the user can move the interface where desired. Lowering the right hand will place the interface.

The interface is merely a set of booleans – if a user places his hand inside one of the virtual button areas for more than a few seconds the corresponding boolean activates. The actions such as move, delete, and change colors are all taken care of on the grasshopper end by using a Stream Filter – which decides what geometry (and color) to preview.

The video (and interface) are a tad laggy. This is partially because my computer isn’t great and also because this grasshopper definition is pretty messy and extensive.

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Comment by AmelieAtkins on June 22, 2020 at 5:59am

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