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File to factory workshop - Modena Italy


A workshop where the parametric understanding of digital fabrication will lead to the manufacture of a  1 to 1 wooden pavilion. A cad/cam approach will drive the deployment of a mass customized chandelier where the  process of design is perceived within the wide network of new digital technologies.


Two phases will guide the exploration of the small object starting from an empirical moment of design to a more pragmatic construction phase

.A Design
The first phase of the workshop is focused on parametric detailing and designing. The aim of the workshop is on generating volumetric non-standard lightweight structures within the constrains of available CNC machinery and material. Automatic unrolling, smart labelling and nesting are some of the things the participant will learn in the context of mass-customization. Rhino in combination with the visual scripting plugin Grasshopper will be used as a basic platform to develop the designs and prepare the documents for CNC-manufacturing. The design chosen for production and 1:1 assembly will be developed by the participants of the workshop.

.B Construction
The second phase will be characterized by the realization of the best design previously selected. A consolidated expertise of Italian manufacture will sustain the building loop of the chandelier, from the production of the final components till the assembly of them. A milling machine is supported not only by a wide variety of different bits but mostly by  a strong team of Italian craftsmen.


. From Saturday the 7th of July 2012 till Friday the 13th of July 2012.


. Iablu, via Enrico Mattei 40, 41043 Casinalbo Modena, Italy


The teaching method will be given by young experts in digital design and further implemented by professional Italian artisans, basic knowledge in the use of Rhinoceros 3D and physical modeling is required:

.A                              Matthijs la Roi
.B                                                Carlo Maria Morsiani


The workshop is about  the process of design, fabrication, construction, fun and friendship.
The discovery of new tools will not limit the curiosity for new places. Visits to Ferrari museums, Rossi’s Cemetery, Romanic Cathedrals, soft hill tops and ancient cities will accompany the experience of the week. Red wine and tasty meat must inspire the implementations of new geometries…


The price relating the two periods will be 250 euros per person including :

.16 hours of design method
.40 hours of fabrication method
.material supply
.milling machine time usage
.insurance cover

It is important to know that in the expenses are not included the following services :

.night accommodation
.food supply

We are contacting all the members in play for the above mentioned list and we can estimate a minimum amount of 300 euros circa per person  for European participants, prices for non-European participants are higher. These extra costs  are an estimation but we will guarantee full assistance in all the organization parts.


Registration must be completed by Friday the 8th of June 2012, followed by a mail of confirmation including the payment procedure and insurance cover, any participant, furthermore must join the workshop with his own computer and software installed. Availability of max 10 participants

If interested write us to : 
Or visit us on :                

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