algorithmic modeling for Rhino


   Our site was almost 1000 ft long, so i sliced it into 10 columns, 100 ft long each. 5 tracks passing along this patch further dividing it into more islands. i made a theory of islands and rivers, where people will behave same as if they are left in a plane with 5 rivers... supposing that the last row of island will be the least visited area. 

  Another supposition to create flow-curve was to place 1 person per 3 sq ft. and at a time all of them rushes to the center to catch the train, i know it sound insane but i dont wanted any random intuitive curves.

   As a reaction to this there comes a depression and bulge in the density fabric ... which i later made the basis for the basis for the roof deformation.

   To make the roof mesh, i used the algorithms of Serpentine Pavilion 2000.

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