algorithmic modeling for Rhino

craft series August 2010-powered by core.form-ula

After many requests from our readers to conduct a design workshop, core.form-ula will begin its first intensive-hands-on craft series workshop at the de Castellane Gallery located in the heart of Brooklyn, minutes away from Manhattan by subway. The workshop will cover the use of Ecotect and Rhino/Grasshopper to develop techniques of evaluating performative form in architecture. The goal of the workshop is to understand methods of translating geometry from Rhino/Grasshopper into Ecotect, and specifically, the process of shaping geometry that performs optimally within a specific location on earth. The workshop will begin by covering intro + advanced grasshopper techniques, followed by an introduction to using Ecotect to produce solar radiation studies, day-lighting studies, shadow analysis studies, climate analysis studies, and computational fluid dynamics analysis studies. The last stage of the workshop will cover the process of manipulating geometry in grasshopper via analysis/values obtained from Ecotect.

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