algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Widget to select and instantiate components from the canvas. It uses an XML database to record the more frequent components and connections between components.
This allows selection using tabbed distribution, frequency of components/connections, frequency of parameters/connections and random components.

To use: alt + right click or dragging a wire + right click. To access the menu right click on inner circle.

I always wanted something like this to have a faster workflow. However, it is not much improvement as I expected, but it also requires getting used to this. Please note that the frequency components that appear depend of the xml database, so that with time your database will be closer to your really habits of components. However, you can register the components and connections of gh files from the This file also contains more details.

To install:
- Put the .gha and .xml files in the Components Folder:
-- File > Special Folders > Components Folder.
-- Or C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries
- Restart Rhino + Grasshopper.

AxonWidget.gha (v 0.2.2  | 13/09/2017)

AxonConnectivityDatabase.xml (requires Human plugin)

About AxonFile:

Perhaps I have done very confusing for someone. I wanted to put options to manipulate the database, but this is not necessary to use the widget.

Write connections from gh files in the Axon Database
This serves to read gh files and add that information (how many times a component is used and the connections between them) to the database. With this you can fill the database with your habits of use of components.

Reset Axon Database
This is to empty the database. Do not use if you do not want to lose the entire database. Without this registration, the widget does not work. This is intended for later to use WriteFromFile script with your own files, to have a database that collects your usage habits of components and connections between them.

Deserialize the top components of the Axon Database
This shows in human language most used components and their connections. It is only for the curious, or for those who need the information of the database for some reason.

Major changes of 0.2.1 release:

- Now when the widget is disabled, are not accessed at any time to the database, is completely isolated.

- Reduced runtime. Instantiate a component or create a connection and add it to the database took between 200 ~ 400 ms, now only takes between 2 ~ 10 ms!!. The database is only saved when you close a document, and not on any new record as before. I know, this was obvious, but really good improvement anyway.

- Bugs fixed.

Major changes of 0.2.2 release:

- Bug fixed: when the definition is very large instantiation took a long time.

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Comment by Rodolfo de Albuquerque Torres on March 7, 2016 at 1:07pm

Sorry, could you give more instructions on installing ? what do you mean by "Empty the xml and add a new root"

and which Folder Path should I put...  





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