algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Before any word about what we are presenting here continued to the course, We have to thank David RuttenMcNeel & Associates and All People who have taken part in developing Grasshopper. Sharing is the greatest part of developing levels of knowledge and by all means Ardaena appreciate every hour spent on the whole story behind by any one. This course has been built upon getting to know algorithmic thinking toward learning how to use programming language as Gh to handle different problem solving scenarios. The course is related to actual workshop has been held before and will be extended for participants by special packs. The Course also has been recorded in Persian for Iranian interested in Grasshopper basically in Iran but, we are welcome to everyone around the world. One of the greatest feature of this pack is the Algorithmic Engineering part which is related to the whole experience of Ardaena team in professional projects.

The Course is defined for Iranian all around the world in Persian. you can find more info in details here:

Ardaena Offline Courses on Grasshopper

 #ویژوآل_پروگرامینگ #گرس_هاپر #مدلسازی_پارامتریک #مهندسی_الگوریتمیک

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