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Architectural UnReality

        Architects have always tend to present their imagination with a pen and paper or with a mouse and computer. They draw their ideas, concepts and projects in different historically defined scales. Depending on what type of understanding of emotion is expected from client, architects use big or small scales for their projects - from cityscapes to windows detail. Scale 1:1 was usually reserved for built structure.

        Presentation art has also evolved over time - from ink on paper, trough paintings and collages, paper model or 3d printed structures, to renderings and advanced animations.

        All this techniques have one in common - spectators secure distance. At the end, architectural presentation will be hanged on the wall, and it will trigger some intended or non-intended emotion. But its secure distance minimize interaction between project and observer to zero.

        New age technology is already developed and it is called Virtual Reality. Spectator now lose his secure distance and he is transformed into the User. Now he can leave traces and freely interact and play with "unbuilt" architecture. For the first time in history, he will move a walls of architect’s ideas.

        Links between built and unbuilt, real and unreal are lost. Scale 1:1 is new scaling. We build unbuilt.

        New pipelines, new workflows, new paper for new pen needs to be invented, because gaming engines are coming into architectural schools. Virtual reality will be, or better say, is already, a new way of making architecture.

         During a workshop we will develop a workflow from modelling software Rhinoceros3D and its parametric plugin Grasshopper3D to gaming engine Unreal Engine 4.12.

         We will develop algorithms for temporary structures, baked them to geometry and import these to virtual reality. At the end, we will bring 1:1 scaled environment revived with HTC Vive and Oculus. Users will interact with our projects.

          Abandoned industrial zone is our environment, our imagined location. Our playground. 15 projects from 15 students, walkable in virtual reality is our goal at the workshop.

We will go from scripting, modeling and texturing to scripting with blueprints in gaming engine, so some advanced skills of modeling are needed. However, they are not mandatory, so bring your ideas and motivation for hard work and you are in. We will help you develop your ideas.

           But be careful what you wish, it could be life changing....

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