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ARCH 3590 Introduction to Computation and Fabrication Fall 2012 - Grasshopper Definitions

The following are Grasshopper definitions used to build a foundational understanding of computation to be used toward architectural design and fabrication. These definitions were authored by Zach Downey of PARABOX for the NYC College of Technology course ARCH3590: Introduction to Computation and Fabrication.


Using Math and Logic Components

This definition reviews the foundational math and logic tools available in Grasshopper, including samples of slider types, math operations, math operations using functions, series creation, range / domain creations, Boolean logic, and list operations.

Assignment 1: List Patterns

In this assignment definition students are expected to use the various math and logic operations introduced to them to recreate numerical patterns as Grasshopper lists. It is encouraged and expected that students will develop several solutions leading to the same pattern.

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