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Another Waffle Definition - actually for Production

Hello Grasshoppers

this definition

- controls the thickness of your material

- moves the first and Last waffle in x and y group to avoid pieces that are too small to work with

- scales the waffles in Z-Direction if you have an overlapping You´ll get on main direction wich makes it easier to cover the waffles with a material...

- isn´t ready yet - it produces all lines on the output double, so you have to SelDup and delete them manually.... :-(

You can use any Brep


load it in GH

Download Definition Here

Control and Move the Ribs

Use the ability to Scale in Z-Direction to get rid of These overlappings that need to be cut off to cover the Waffle


Bake the Lines and Waffles. You can put them on a plan, so the guys in the workshop will know about the look of the result, to work better and faster...

That was it so far, more to come

please write comments on how to get rid of the double line-Thing, I´ll be grateful


Florian Wey-Lübeck

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