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A Modern Approach to Exhibition & Trade Show Design

Let's be honest, the current level of design sophistication at most exhibition and trade shows is 10 to 20 years behind the architecture and industrial design scene.
But it doesn't have to be this way! New processes and tools - both software and hardware - allow us to quickly iterate on a design direction and enables us to produce the final "thing" faster, cheaper and better than previously possible.
This post highlights just one of the ways Czarnowski is using new tools to deliver on our promise of premium experiences for our clients and their audience.
Hyundai launched a new auto show program for the 2015-16 season. The main structure was influenced by the European design, but an area that our client had full control over was the design of the new properties - info counters, engine displays, etc.

We worked in parallel to develop a family of properties with a consistent look and feel across the show floor, as well as at different levels of show programs.
Once a design direction was locked in that we could apply across the different properties we got to work setting up a "flexible" model we could use to explore different shapes and sizes - from the overall form to nuances of angle and radii changes.

Using Grasshopper in the development phase of the property's design allowed us to iterate with accuracy and in real time. If we wanted to change the angle of an undercut or the depth of a counter top, we could see the results within seconds and without needing to remodel something from scratch.
Using this new process enabled us to compress weeks of development into days. And most importantly, we received client approval on a family of properties that our in-house production team could engineer, build and deliver on time and within budget.
Below are some examples of the stages of development followed by photos of the finished properties that launched at the 2015 LA Auto Show.


So there you have it. A real world "case study" of how Czarnowski is using the latest to deliver the greatest for one of its world class clients. You can see more project details at

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