algorithmic modeling for Rhino

 I have always been fascinated by 'doodling and scribbling'. I think what we do, apparently irrationally, in our little free time, in our boredom of classes, at the back of our exercise book, or at the corner of the bench are, perhaps one of the most direct reflections of what is happening in our brain in the unconscious delineated through our psycho motor. I have had this urge to explore the geometry and its behavior of our rather intuitive processes - by means of reciprocating similar forms (in this case a 3D doodle, maybe) in digital realm. How interesting it is to observe that creating a doodle on a digital platform can be rather difficult if you do it intuitively, because here actions need definite commands or logic to happen. (try out yourself) . So I was exploring splines on one hand, and came across this complex array thing - and used it to produce whatever I did over here - a doodle , a 3d scribbling, apparently with no such meanings.

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