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Planarizing voronoi on a very constrained surface

Hello guys.

I’ve been trying for quite a few days now, to find a solution to planarize these voronoi cells.

The idea behind this model is to redefine the inner structure of an actual wall, to do so, I used a voronoi pattern and what I expect from the algorithm is a bunch of planar cells which then I can transform into tridimensional cells that I’ll be able to fabricate later. To do so, I need to have planar voronoi cells; this is quite difficult now since I can’t figure out a way to make kangaroo to perform in a way that I’ll obtain my precious flat cells.

I’ve seen on other people’s posts (See here) that they have done a similar work with domes. Well for a dome there is a component called <facet dome> and it does all the work … In my case is a little bit more complex since the surface has openings (like a wall would have) so I need to recalculate the cells in function of these openings.

The results are away from being good, so far the model iterates indefinitely without finding a solution. If anyone can give a light about this,, I’d be very grateful.


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Comment by BerniceKDaniels on May 12, 2021 at 4:22am

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Comment by mark zirinsky on June 6, 2015 at 10:13pm

I have gotten kangaroo to planarize a complex surface with a few curve reversals, using hex cells but not veronai. I suggest the approach where you planarize your basic form before you trim out your openings. start with a surface about 3 times as large as you need, adjust your veronia spacing until it looks close to what you want, then run the planarization, then bake that to rhino, then trim out th openings.





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