algorithmic modeling for Rhino

by Siwen XUE Rhinoscript & Grasshopper.
To face the problem of energy crisis in the future, the design tries to find a way of energy self-supply for skyscrapers. Using the height superior of skyscraper, the design creates a green energy system which is a set of vertical wind mill. To fit the monsoon climate in Shanghai, the design ensures that each azimuth of the tower can absorb the energy of wind so that the electricity supply was continuously. The shape of the tower and the inside space can reflect the distribution rule of wind energy source. Using the wind-rose map and wind pressure-height curve to generate the shape.
Digital Design Studio: Conceptual Skyscraper (B. Arch. 8.5 weeks), supervised by dr. Chengyu SUN
(Samples were developed by 4th year undergraduate students, Tongji University, China, Spring 2009.)
Contact dr. Chengyu SUN
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Comment by Wudi on May 25, 2009 at 10:25am
It's really impressive! I'm a Chinese student also. Could you please upload a larger picture? I want to see how it works.
Comment by Jonas Bredel on May 14, 2009 at 2:43am
it looks interesting, but the picture is so small you can't see anything. could you upload a large picture of your poster ?





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