algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is the main render from a project I created in Grasshopper and rendered in Thea Render for Rhino for the lovely people at Passion Pictures Animation in London.
I did several keyvisuals for a pitch for them.

It was the biggest job I ever did in Grasshopper, at one point I had a baked Rhino file of more than 1GB which was impossible to handle - neither RH nor GH are made for that kind of thing.
We then reduced the project and went in another direction, the one you see on this image.

It was rendered in Thea with a GTX 660 TI and a GTX 980 TI and my 6core i7 CPU. DOF is also rendered in camera. Final rendertime was about 2 hours, previews were ready in about 2-10 minutes.

Other than one bad blue-screen-crash with the huge file I mentioned above, everything was very stable, although rather slow.

After this project it was clear that I reached the limits of GH and I started learning SideFX Houdini, which in the meantime has become my main 3D application.

Thanks to everybody in this forum for all the help and inspiration that put me on my way !!!



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