algorithmic modeling for Rhino

The drawing is related to THIS one and they are both based on this scanned drawing (that you see in the background). They are part of a little project of mine called "The Geometry of Bending" that aims to understand the shape of elastically bent materials.
So, those three drop-like shapes are attempting to describe this geometry. The underlying scan are curves drawn along a bent sawblade. The rhino-curve to the right is just a trace of one of those drawn curves. The middle one is something I created in Grasshopper and its geometry is related to the Cornu spiral (the curvature increases linearly until it reaches the midpoint). The curve to the left is an elastica curve, also created in Grasshopper, it's commonly believed that this is the shape of a bent material.
I put those 3 curves back into GH to plot their curvature as a graph.
I think it's clear that the traced saw-blade has more in common with the Cornu-spiral curve than with the elastica curve...

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