algorithmic modeling for Rhino

by Kai BAO Rhinoscript & Grasshopper.
Currently the super high-rise building enjoys rapid development, rising from the level ground one by one. The super high-rise building is not only the breakthrough of land use restriction, but also the unfolds of the technology and even the glory of the city. Meanwhile, architectural ecology has got increasing attention. Architectural form and functional bionic became one way to secure enlightenment of natural ecology for architects. This design begins with Bionics, attempting to seek the new forms of super high-rise building.
Digital Design Studio: Conceptual Skyscraper (B. Arch. 8.5 weeks), supervised by dr. Chengyu SUN
(Samples were developed by 4th year undergraduate students, Tongji University, China, Spring 2009.)
Contact dr. Chengyu SUN
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