algorithmic modeling for Rhino

by Zhu ZHAO Rhinoscript & Grasshopper.
In the terms of composition, the student uses “volume” to reply Jinmao Tower’s emphases on “line” and Global Financial Center’s emphases on “plane”. In the terms of metaphor, the student uses “stacks of stone” in ancient Chinese Garden to reply Jinmao Tower’s metaphor of pagoda and Global Financial Center’s metaphor of “moon gate”. The conclusion of deducing, “volume” and “stacks of stone” remind the student the figure of Taihu Stone in ancient Chinese Garden. Thus, he finds the reference for the shape of his skyscraper.
Digital Design Studio: Conceptual Skyscraper (B. Arch. 8.5 weeks), supervised by dr. Chengyu SUN
(Samples were developed by 4th year undergraduate students, Tongji University, China, Spring 2009.)
Contact dr. Chengyu SUN
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