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Letter for Suketu Mehta

“Sky Roller” is a Hyperbuilding. Also connected in 3D structure, it is a vertical city.
“Sky Roller” is a skyscraper for Mumbai climate. Indians believe in movement, but until now, only at horizontal movement. “Sky
Roller” is art of rolling vertically.
This thesis deals with the implementation of the “Sky Roller” on to the Dharavi, overpopulated area in Mumbai, with extreme density, so called hyper-density. Dharavi is a slum,
one of the Asia`s largest slums. Having a population more than 1 million people on a small 2.2 km2 area.
“Sky roller” is "one" vertical solution for the Dharavi problems; lack of water, lack of sanitation, lack of space. “Sky roller” is more than improved architectural quality of life. “Sky
roller” brings another way of living for divided India. India is a land of diversities; caste systems, religions, languages, ideas ...
Trough two simple curves, Sine and Cosine, curves of life, it connects colors of India.
It follows the path of the sun and the direction of the wind. It acts as water cleaner and rainwater catcher.
When I got a letter from the author of the book "Maximum City, Bombay Lost and
Found", Suketu Mehta, I decided to respond to him with architectural approach. With a
Igor Mitrić

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