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Hi all,

Just downloaded Xylinus and just trying to export some curves directly to a 3D-printable G-code, so I'm using the Crv to GC cluster, and it looks like the data is there but I'm not sure what the output should be? i.e. how can I save the g-code from my computer onto a flash drive and then plug that into the 3D printer? 

This might be a simple question, but it's the first time I've tried using the plugin. Trying to develop thickness and an .stl to my model has just presented a bunch of issues, so going directly from curve to g-code would be massively helpful. 

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Hi Davis,

Just send the gcode to a text panel. Then right-click the text panel and export the code to a text file (typically with a .gcode extension). The next version, coming out soon, will allow you to stream the code directly to your printer.







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