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Hi All

this is to let you know that the new Weaverbird release 0.7.50 Spring GH is now ready to download.
It fixes the incompatibility with GH 0.9.50+ and delivers 4 bug fixes and a wish:

- it was not possible to use some of some tessellation strategies in wbTessellate in Rhino. This is fixed
- mesh from lines handles some more difficult cases, with lines not exactly touching
- wbBevelVertices could pre-tessellate inconsistently when input was made of polylines. this is fixed
- wb properties was fixed. it now computes volumes

- an option was added to Offset components to try to compute offsets based on planes intersections rather than normals

As usual, look out for any new bugs and please keep on letting me know any questions or wishes you might have.



Giulio Piacentino
Weaverbird development

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Download the new version now! It's having 3 bugfixes and no expiry. It's a stable release now.


I just noticed a spelling mistake on wbLaplaceHC, the O orientation input misspells 'strength'.


Thanks, I'll fix that.

Hi Giulio

Is it possible to have Weaverbird install to have a 'this computer only option' like Grasshopper so i can keep it upto date with out requiring IT to install the updates for me everytime.




Did this help?

Sorry for the delay, did not get any email saying you had replyed and been busy with non mesh stuff for a few days.

Yes worked fine.

Thank you






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