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"Hey Giulio,

When we use thicken mesh, is there a way to thicken a mesh progressively?" i.e. if i have a mesh, it is 0.5mm thick at 1 end and goes on to become 1mm thick to the other end in a linear / progressive manner.



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Hi aB,

I thought to go a little in details on how to make what you are asking. A part of this is standard Grasshopper, and at the end there is the Thickening component being used.

First of all, the linear logic you were asking:

This is simply using a line as a reference, and finds the projection of the mesh points on it. Then, the values along the line can be used to create a linear growth.
A second example is then here a simple attractor logic.
The closer to the point, the larger the thickening.

A last example is using the linear increase example as a start point, but then applies the sin function to it. This creates a moving wave. Note also how this trigonometric function returns on top of itself.

I hope this helps,



Giulio Piacentino
Weaverbird development

Ciao anzitutto complimenti per il tuo lavoro... Vorrei sapere pero' se è possibile aumentare anche la dimensione dei triangoli, e la distanza tra di essi,io devo realizzare dei pattern che si ingrandiscono progressivamente magari diminuendone il numero sulla griglia/rettangolo di partenza...non so se sono stato chiaro...
Ciao Gianni, sì, credo di aver capito. Direi che è possibile, ma potresti per favore iniziare una discussione a parte su questo nuovo argomento, in inglese se possibile (altrimenti in italiano va anche bene)?

Giulio Piacentino
Weaverbird development

Hi Giulio, this is great! I immediately used the linear thickening for my stand-up table project. The wall thickens now decreases from 12mm to 3mm, this makes much more sense. Thanks so much, Wieland


I will try this and get back to you...however, thank you so much for going into this much detail. Also, you doing a great work with WB...keep it up :-)

Champion!!!! it worked for my model! :-D Awesome Giulio 

This looks great Giulio, but to add another dimension to the situation is it possible to not only thicken the mesh in this fashion, but to also smooth it gradually? I want to thicken and smooth the mesh as it moves towards the base of my structure.


Hi! very helpful the files! I am searching all day how i can thicken the mesh with a curve (or many points on the curve). maybe it is easy to do but i am beginner. Any suggestions? Thanks very much!






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