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Hi Giulio,

would it be possible to progressively change the the number of subdivisions on the same mesh? For example to start with one subdivision on one end of the mash and end with three subdivisions on the other end. Similar to thickening a mesh progressively. 



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yes, that would be it!

That's a nice picture, but it's slightly different. From what we can see, even though I havn't tried it as it's not available, that appears to be a form finding tool for triangular mesh adaptation. An hybrid between the two methods would be interesting.

It would be good to have a partial subdivision so that the designer can control how the different steps take place, and how feature preservation can still be obtained. I think it will be fun to test that implementation, in any case. Also, I think there are some papers talking about quad mesh refinement - that is something to be investigated as well.

Hi Giulio, you are right this is different. Here is what i would like to do: Below are two screenshots from the same model, on the right the original mesh and on the left the 3 times subdivided mesh. On the top the 'resolution' is to fine an at the bottom it is to rough. Is there a way to progressively change the amount of subdivision lets say from 1 to 3?

This is a very nice model.

I'll try to think what can be done about this,




Giulio Piacentino

Piacentino Consulenze






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