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Hi Andrea,

Thanks for the great plug-in!

I had just 2 questions regarding my attached script.

1. I cannot seem to get any variety of results when resetting the aggregation component, I can only get variation when changing the threshold. I would think more variation should be possible considering the amount of connection options I am feeding for each part? Is there a random seed value that can be modified somewhere to allow for new results?

2. Is there any way to control the number of each part used in the aggregation? Currently, I am getting significantly more of the first part, but I would like a more even amount of each part used in the final aggregation (see part counts on the far right-hand side of script).

Thank you!

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Hi Philipp,

Here some (tentative) answers:

1. The issue with the field aggregation is that the process it is using is not stochastic, but exact. So, the aggregation you get is "the best" according to the parts, fields and rules you provided. If you want to have different results, you need to change one of the variables used. The easiest way to achieve variations is to randomly remove a large amount of the generated rules (80/90%). This, besides speeding up calculations, allows for variation by changing the seed of the random reduction (see attached file).

2. Unfortunately at the moment there is no direct way to control the amount of parts used in the aggregation (I am actually working on it...). However, all relies on what rules you provide. If you are getting more of the first part, it means you are providing more rules which result in placing that part. So, if you manage to define a logic that allows you to reduce the number of rules placing that part, you might be able to control its amount. I will keep you posted whenever I have some test components which allow such control.

By the way, what are you trying to do? It looks like a aggregated skyscraper, or? I would love to know more, if you could share!






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