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A Solid Difference component does not work for WASP.

When I tried to make a void in the center of WASP geometry, a "Solid Difference" component did not work. I understand WASP does not work as BREP but work as Mesh. So, a transform component was connected to the original Brep component and TR of Wasp component.

However, the solid difference worked partially - only for the boundary of cutting geometry but inside WASP geometry does not go away.

Please refer to the attached and advise. Thanks!

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I checked your file and the problem has nothing to do with Wasp, but it is only dependent on how boolean operations work in Rhino.

If an object is fully contained inside another object, a boolean difference will do nothing to it. In order for the solid difference component to work, the two solids need to intersect.

In the attached file, I added first a small routine which removes all parts which are fully contained in the subtraction volume (by counting the number of vertices inside the volume), and then it performs the solid difference on the remaining geometries

Got it. Thank you so much, Andrea!






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