algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Class 08 Recap

Class, see attached for Rhino/Grasshopper files and Illustrator file for the rendering sequence.  Please use the resources in the Class 08 Assignment sheet and in the discussion entitled "Class 08 Resources" to find other rendering techniques you can use for the project.

Rhino file for exercises:

If you were not in class - we went over the plug-in Weaverbird and Flux - which are now installed on the computers in the corner closet to King Street and Patrick.

If you have not done it already - please upload your 5 models to Dropbox. 

The assignment for next week is to take one panel as far as you can go in Grasshopper - and upload the .gh file to dropbox.  We will be having desk crits next week as well.

Have a happy midterm week!

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