algorithmic modeling for Rhino


A few notes:

-Please post your FinalProject_PartA.pdf on the dropbox if you have not done so yet.  To recap, we spent the class going over everyone's final project ideas in desk crit format.  If you were not there, you can email me and have me give you a written desk crit.

-The assignment due this week will focus in on one of your ideas and dig in deeper.  Please compose a 24"x24" pdf of one final project idea including some of the following:

  • Specific grasshopper examples
  • Sketches
  • Images
  • Text defining your design limitations, variables, the project at large, and parametric qualities

Please name this LastName_FirstName_FinalProject_PartB.pdf and complete by Monday at 7:00 PM.

-There will be a more complete sheet in the upcoming weeks describing the final project, but here is a sneak peek:

Project Brief:  Up until now, you have been using grasshopper to develop, analyze, and fabricate architectural ideas in a very controlled format.  The final project is a chance to combine this knowledge with your own design intent and aspirations.  The project will use specific deliverables to spur growth, but also allow for you, the designer, to do what you please within the following boundaries.


#  open project
#  must be a design project
 #  story of what you are designing and why you are using grasshopper - specific design intent
#  must have physical scale model
#  must have 24” x 36” board - made in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop
 #  grasshopper definition image
 #  1 artistic rendering - any format - with scale figures
 #  5 iterations of your project must be presented
 #  1 diagram to visually describe your project
 #  text describing project
 #  process drawings - photos/sketches/models/other iterations
#  this is the bare minimum - to have an excellent project, one must go above and beyond these requirements
#  talk to me if you have out of the box ideas of presenting/ teams / etc...

That is all, have a good week!

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