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Just a few reminders from class:

-Here is a link to the video on Flux and the possible future of architects and designers I showed in class.  Although you could imagine that the buildings designed by this software may be terrible, this is how the future is being shaped, so an understanding of the technology is important.

-Projects are due May 8th at the WAAC Final Gallery (I think at 5:30 PM).  You will have your board(s) pinned up and your physical model complete underneath.  The location is still being worked out, so I will let you know when I know.  After the physical submission, a digital submission is required as well.  There should be at minimum -

A board with the discussed drawings and images below, named LastName_FirstName_FinalProject.pdf

A photo of your physical model (if not included on the board), named


These should be posted on the dropbox sometime before the last day of the semester.  Your project will not be graded if you do not physically submit on May 8th and digitally submit sometime before the semester is over.

-Project brief is below

Project Brief:  Up until now, you have been using grasshopper to develop, analyze, and fabricate architectural ideas in a very controlled format.  The final project is a chance to combine this knowledge with your own design intent and aspirations.  The project will use specific deliverables to spur growth, but also allow for you, the designer, to do what you please within the following boundaries.


#  open project
#  must be a design project
 #  story of what you are designing and why you are using grasshopper - specific design intent
#  must have physical scale model
#  must have 24” x 36” board - made in Adobe InDesign or Photoshop
 #  grasshopper definition image
 #  1 artistic rendering - any format - with scale figures
 #  5 iterations of your project must be presented
 #  1 diagram to visually describe your project
 #  text describing project
 #  process drawings - photos/sketches/models/other iterations
#  this is the bare minimum - to have an excellent project, one must go above and beyond these requirements
#  talk to me if you have out of the box ideas of presenting/ teams / etc...

That is all, there are no assignments due this week, just keep working on those projects.  I am available for help during the week, just email or post in the forum.  USE THE GRASSHOPPER FORUM IF YOU ARE STUCK.  There are many people on here that are way smarter than I that can help you.

See you all next week!

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