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I wanted to start off with apologizing for last night, I tried to cram way too much information into one class time period.  It also did not help that I had a late night the night previous so was not all there myself.  Overall the night wasn't that productive so I wanted to apologize, I will do a better job in the future.

Attached to this message is the Assignment sheet for the upcoming week.  Please post the picture of the models before 7:00 PM Monday 2/16.

Here is a link to the completed script from last night, as well as the Rhino file and presentation pdf.

A few notes:

- I added two separate tags to the end of the script.  One set is for the 3D model of your form, locating where the pieces originally come from.  The second set is for the flattened out sections, which can be etched on your pieces to actually locate them when they are physically created.  Play around a bit in the script and try to understand what is going on between the different parts.

-Baking:  We went over baking in last weeks class.  You right click on the component you want in the physical realm and select bake.  Rhino will then ask you to select a layer to place the items on.  I would suggest having two layers, one will be for cutting and one will be for etching (when you bake the tags(optional)).  Once the pieces are in Rhino, you can use the Make2d command and export to AutoCad where you can laser cut (if you are unsure about this process, Google it as there are numerous tutorials).

-I would recommend using chipboard as it is the cheapest and most readily available, but don't let me chain your creativity if you come up with another material.

I look forward to seeing your guys models.  See you Monday!

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