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Hi there,

Very new to the point cloud technology. I'm tryng to load a e57 file via volox. when the engin x starts Rhino crash no matter what.

Any Idea on this issue

Thank you all

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By the way the file its 4.8 GB


Just based on the info you have given, there may be a conflict with Rhino 6 WIP. I'm not sure if its compatible yet, you may want to look into that. 

Perhaps check this by attempting the same process on Rhino 5


Hello Danny,

It looks that it does crash as well with rhino 5. i'm trying to open a fe57 file from this website The Acadia Office file

like this:

The openCC component returns this message: 1. Solution exception:The system cannot find the file specified

and when I run and LoadE57 component Rhino just crash. Maybe the problem is on my side. I'm very new to point clouds.

Any help will be much appreciate it

Also the vovox supplied sample files will make my rhino to crash (version 5 and 6) I'm on a windows 10 machine.

Thank you

Hi Claudio, 

Did you ever by chance resolve this issue?  Trying to bump this thread as I am attempting to load an .e57 file but am experiencing the same issue.   The .e57 has 45 scan positions and I set the percent to .05.  It will load close to 30 of the scans and then crash.  If I drop the percentage to .02 it works, but the cloud is pretty thin at that percentage and not very useful. 

I did successfully load the LTU-A House file with .01 percent which is around 3 million points.  

 I am using Rhino 5.  Thanks !

Hi Andrew,
Unfortunately I didn't continue using this plug in. I guess I'll get back if I need to work again with point clouds. But if you ever find anything I'll all ears







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