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Hello, I'm beginner for using Volvox. I have problem with initial part which is merging point clouds in grasshopper. I created e57 file using Autodesk recap and in Grasshopper I used Several components for importing the e57 file such as load e57 and load e57x and etc but with all get error. Any thoughts?

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By merging I meant Importing.
Hej Mahan, what type of error do you get?
You can use the E57 metadta component to investigate imported E57 files. Here you can evtl find out about the inner makings your E57 file.

Else you can try to export the point clouds as plain XYZ file.

Hello Sir,  @Martin Tamke, Currently I am trying to import point cloud file (.e57 file) through volvox ,but unable to do it. It shows error "object reference is not set to instance of object". kindly request you to help me. Thankyou

Hello Parimal

Which component is showing this error? 

it might be, that the path to the e57, that you specify is not correct.

Hello Mr. Martin Tamke,

Thankyou so much for your reply. Currently I am trying to load point cloud in Rhino Via Grasshopper using Volvox. Now the problem is I am not getting any error but still unable   to load point cloud (file format .e57). File (.e57) located on desktop. I am also sharing you image so that you can better understand whats the problem. I already run the process by clicking on load button.  Kindly request you to help me out. Thank you so much in advance.

@martin tamke kindly request you to Reply. Thankyou






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