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New releases

WIP4 (May-12, 2015)

  • General properties (Name, Tag, Description...) on VisualARQ objects can be modified.
  • Added "Space Param" and "Deconstruct Profile" components.
  • Doors, windows and openings can be inserted in Curtain Walls.
  • Doors, windows and openings can be inserted freely with no need to be attached to a wall or a curtain wall.
  • Added the option to get the sizes list from any object style.

The WIP4 version only works on VisualARQ 1.9

WIP3 (Jun-5, 2014)

  • Added components to create object styles directly in Grasshopper
  • Added component to create the Space object.
  • Added Param components to reference VisualARQ object styles.
  • Added a set of Input components to define the VisualARQ object parameters and style features.

The WIP3 version only works on VisualARQ 1.8

WIP2 (Jun-26, 2013)

  • Added components to work with VisualARQ walls
    • Wall Add Solids
    • Wall Subtract Solids
    • Wall From Solid
    • Wall Extract Solids
  • Added component to convert (explode) a VisualARQ object into a BRep.
  • Added components to calculate VisualARQ objects area and volume.
  • Added component to get a VisualARQ object property.

This WIP2 only works on VisualARQ 1.7.3

WIP1 (Initial release) (May-29, 2013)

  • Components to create VisualARQ walls, beams, columns, doors, windows, stairs, railings, slabs and roofs.
  • Components to create VisualARQ buildings and levels.
  • Components to explode VisualARQ objects into their constituent parts.
  • Components to work with predefined and custom profiles for some VisualARQ objects (doors, windows, beams and columns).

This initial release only works on VisualARQ 1.7.2.





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