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I have a problem with the walls created with the wall extend component that I have used to extend a regular wall to a roof. The result of the baking to Rhino is only the lower part of the wall. 

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Hi Orlando, the wall extend component only works if the geometry where the wall extends to is a referenced geometry in Rhino. So the workaround to cope with this limitation is:

1. Bake the geometry where the wall extends to.

2. Reference that geometry with a Geometry Param.

3. Connect that Geometry Param to the Wall Extend Component, G imput.

4. Now you can bake the wall

We will investigate how to improve this worflow.


Good to know, Thank you for your time.


Is this issue already solved?

I am getting a "Solution Error: eInvalidInput" when inputting grasshopper generated geometry into the component.


Hi Guillermo,

No changes about this. The Wall Extend component in GH only works with referenced objects in Rhino. But if you send me the definition or a screenshot of it I'll be able to figure out the reason of this error message.  






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