algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Sunflower 8.0


Sunflower solar analysis function is powerful, the software is mainly divided into two functional modules: index automatic statistics and sunshine analysis.

We provide a real-time visible and brand-new sunshine analysis mode. Sunflower sunshine is like a secret weapon, which helps designers to have excellent performance in their work, to stand out from many designers, and to help enterprises defeat competitors in the fierce competition of the

same industry.


Sunflower sunshine also has lightning like sunshine analysis and calculation speed. Compared with other sunshine software, sunflower sunshine has absolute advantages in calculation speed. For example, it takes ten minutes to use other software and a few seconds to use sunflower sunshine at most. This kind of extremely fast sunshine analysis and calculation speed is the characteristic of sunflower sunshine. Our advanced sunshine analysis algorithm integrates the multithreading of CPU and the parallel calculation of GPU, fully invokes the hardware resources of computer, pursues the ultimate operation speed, and we transform technology into productivity and improve work efficiency.

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