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Dear Staling Users,

As some time from first Starling release already passed, I assume that some of you got more familiar with it. Right now I'am struggling with 0.2 release, and here you can share your thoughts about what would you like to see in it. Think about ease of use or any  additional component - if you have any idea, share here.

Thanks !

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hello mateusz,

great work - the tools definitively add a new dimension to work with mesh in gh! 

wouldn't it be possible to work with surfaces of higher genera with the same approach? (for instance to map the points on a torus instead of a sphere)

the slfastmesh really deserves the fast its name. would this algorithm work also with the other boolean operations?



I wanted to make Starling mapping as easy as possible, and I dont find mapping higher genus intuitive... + there is a lot of scritping required to make it really fast.

slfastmesh is doable with standard components, I made it just to speed up setup. To replicate its funtionality :

1. take some brep intersecting geometry

2. union breps

3. mesh breps with quite low settings.






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