algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This example shows how to make minimal surfaces with multiple breps. To make it work, reference some open, intersecting breps from Rhino (or create them with GH). They need to be open, and their naked edges cant intersect with any of solid (blue edges).

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Thanks for share! nice research.


Thank you wery much! No more struggling with Kangaroo

Hi Mateusz,

Nice Job. But I am having a little issue with the first example. When I open it, I do not get a minimal surface. This is what I get (attached image). I played with the sliders but I don't get anywhere close to the animated gif on your post just above. Thanks for the help.

I didn't test Starling with Rhino 5.0, so cant really help - have you tried it with 4 ?

hmm, not really. Any plans on updating Starling for Rhino 5?

Just Tried with Rhino 4, with the latest grasshopper (0.9.0014), and the latest Weaver-bird.
I am still getting the same problem. Any idea why? Thanks!


sry for late response. this must be some change in new weaverbird, here is a new def with same effect made with starling laplacian smoothing.


Thanks Mateusz, now it works in Rhino 5!






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