algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Starling_0.1 mesh tools. These components enable mesh parametrization, so it behaves like a surface - you can evaluate points at any place etc. Is it accurate ? - not at all, but give it just a minute and you'll probably fall in love. Mesh morphing, remeshing, smooth curves evaluation (see group image), 3d convex hull and last but not least - slFastMesh - which will enable you to stop thinking about meshing parameters and start playing.

What's that all about ? Mesh is embedded to planar form (or spherical), with respect to topology. You draw point on this planar (or spherical) mesh representation and it automatically finds it's place on original mesh.


So lets introduce some "new" words : Mesh-map. Components that create a mesh-map (planar or spherical mesh embedding) are located in the  "Cartographers" category.

This is the first step in mesh parameterization. Then you can use slGuide2D (Guides category) to draw some points on the map - guide will lead them to the original mesh at proper position.

The remaining components can be considered as utilities. For me the two most helpful are :

slFastMesh is a really simple, tiny component. It will take any genus 0 intersecting BReps, union and mesh them - so you dont have to choose all the parameters manually. What is so special about it ? Just reference some BReps from Rhino and give it a try. Basic idea for this component comes from Michael Pryor.

slHull3D is incremental 3d hull implementation which I made some time ago and published as vb script component. It takes a bunch of points and creates a mesh hull, which will match perfectly to slSphere embedding.


Special thanks to : Michael Pryor for constant help&support and David Rutten for great advices.


DOWNLOAD (after joining the group)




Examples avaible to download from group discussions or


It's highly recommended to use Starling with Weaverbird and [uto] MeshEdit.

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