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Hi !
i am very interesting in combine space syntax with grasshopper , and i have seen the 3.2 version spider had "shortest path angular" "shortest path"component to calculate the segment angular choice (in the space syntax). but in the lastest version 4.1 or 4.2,this conponet had disappeared.Further,i try to calculate the segment angular integration (another variable in space syntax),can you please tell me some method to make it.

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Hallo veaturn,

it is still there. Big change between 3.X and 4.X where preformance wise and based on the way the moduls are build. I tried to make it more like a library, not one component doing an exact e.g. computation of Angular integration, but more components working together.

What you need is the dual graph component, please see attached file. It illustrates how to construct an angular graph and compute the toal depth (Integration is more or less a normalised version of total depth and I don't have the formular at hand in the moment. Besides I do not know which integration formular you want to use.)

However please note, that other than space syntax, spiderweb is working on directed graphs, which means that you will get two values for each line, which in case of angular measurments will be different. I know this seams strange but depending on what you are trying to model e.g. car traffic it makes perfect sense.

However I am not so sure on pedestrains.

Could you give a little background on what you are trying to do in general and in what context you ar using it?

Hope that helps


hollo Richard

   sorry,i can't see the attached file.

   i am working on using space syntax to analysis the shopping mall(block-type commercial space),and i want to calculate it with grasshopper rather than depthmap.Make it more scientific and logical to design the commercial pedestrains' movement with real-time space syntax analysis with grasshopper.

   i am a architecture student,only know some bacic use of is quite hard for me to translate the space syntax algorithm in grasshopper .and i found spider web can help me .

Dear Richard,

    i had try the dual graph component .but it seemed there is something wrong with the result.please have a look at my test file.



Dear veaturn,

for what it is worth since it is a little late:

spiderweb operates on directed graphs, the problem you are experiencing is that there is no connection between e.g. 20 and 6 so you will get no results. to avoid this problem you have to right click on the graphFromLines component and tell the component that you would like to get an undirected graph, than you will be able to find a path.

However when doing this you will get two nodes for each line one for the line from a to b and one for the line from b to a...

is a little more complicated than traditional space syntax but with it you have the possiblity to simulate things like escalators ...








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